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Life Purpose and The Bravery Of Just Showing Up

You have no idea how brave you really are for just showing up.

Whatever your philosophy or frame of reference on “Why You Are Here”, you have to admit that few escape unscathed.

I have some friends, for instance, who will tell me that there is absolutely no purpose.  You’re born, you get through the day, you suffer, and then you die.  It’s all in the catch phrase,”Life’s a bitch and then you die.”

For them, it’s true.  At least, on some days.  But not for you.

You know you’re here to do something.  You might not know what.  You might be in search of your Life’s Purpose.

There are some other friends I have who look at life as an adventure.  They see promise in every day.  They know why they are here, even if they haven’t identified a Life Purpose.  In fact, some say that there is no such thing, while others will tell you they know exactly what their Life Purpose is – it’s that thing that makes them bounce out of bed most days, looking forward to the next step.  It’s their passion.  Those people have a magical world view.

You can belong to either of those groups or fall somewhere in between, and still you have to admit that all parties are learning something.  They are having an experience.  They get to choose whether it’s mostly positive, mostly negative, or some kind of a mixture of the two on one point on the spectrum.

You didn’t have to show up for this lifetime.  There’s no one’s permission you have to ask to be joyful or have a miserable journey.  You can take the proverbial fork in the road, or not.  No one is going to tell you what to do.

When I say “no one”, I mean spiritually speaking.  Obviously your friends and family and the man at the corner are all ready, willing and able to give you their opinion, whether you’ve asked for it or not.

Your spiritual guides and angels aren’t going to tell you what to do.  They aren’t your Mommy.  YOU are your only Mommy.   They can help guide you (hence the name) and give you an idea of what things may look like when you make a particular choice, but they won’t make the choice for you.

On a soul level, you had a choice of being born as well as when, where, to whom and under what circumstances.  You are somewhere or another (doesn’t much matter where) on the staircase, operating at one vibration rate or another.  You took the chance to be born and show up for this lifetime.  You didn’t have to do that.  You could have stayed in the ethers, doing another job.  You were required to do something, however, and you chose to take a difficult path – you chose to show up here.  So if nothing else makes you feel good today, there’s that.

Go have a listen on YouTube, Blind Faith – Can’t Find My Way Home – from 1969.  Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Ginger Baker – and watch it rather than just letting it play in the background.  Imagine You having a conversation with Your Higher Self.

The Earth plane is not an easy place to exist.  It is fraught with disappointments, challenges, and things that seem to strike you right out of the blue.

Life is not trying to punish you. Sometimes you make decisions that lead to physical hardship or emotional pain and suffering. That’s when learning and growth happens. – Erin Pavlina

If you’re feeling depressed, overwhelmed, stymied, or just plain frustrated, know that there is a passion out there for you.  It is not always or even usually, your occupation.  You might find it at 12 and then forget about it, only to rediscover it at 50.  Or, you might not find it until 42 or 72.

If you are stuck on finding your Life’s Purpose, which can be synonymous with your Passion, know that sometimes speaking with an intuitive can help you with that, and sometimes not.  You can get a next step, at least.  For some people the act of discovering the answers on your own is part of your purpose.  Some of us have to Do It to Get It.

Remember that you are your own best reader.  I can help you by meeting with your spiritual team, or I can help you access your own guidance and next steps.  But at the end of the day, if you really feel you have a Life Purpose and want to know what it is, know that you can figure this out for yourself.  You already have all of the answers.

There is probably not one “Life Purpose” in the sense that someone could say,”Your Life Purpose is _____,” and you’d suddenly say,”Oh!  I never would have thought of that!”  It’s more like,”Oh.  Oh, RIGHT.  I guess I already knew that.”

It could be something as simple as waking up to your consciousness, or raising a particular child, or writing a meaningful sentence, or being the person who always has the smile, brightening everyone’s life who comes into contact with you.  All of those things can mean so much more than they may appear to on the surface.

You aren’t in any danger of “missing it.”  What’s the one thing you know is just “you”?  Do you have a particular gift or passion? Does everyone always come to you for one thing?  What would your best friend say is the one thing they love you for?  You are a walking, breathing, unique You – living your purpose all of the time – you may just not know it or have come into it yet.

I’ve heard that people typically fall into one of two groups.  One, those that are here to evolve in their own consciousness – to experience personal growth, to learn about life and to garner a better grasp or understanding.  Two, those that are here to have a big impact on many people, to change the world in a big way, to share wisdom.  If you idenitfy as a “lightworker”, you will tend to fall into the second group, but it usually isn’t without its interesting twists, turns, and catastrophes along the way.  It is all in how you view it.

If you take the long view, a lifetime is but one step in a long journey.  If you stumble in this one, there’s always another. – Michael Pierich, Wisdom For A Healed Spirit


In another of life’s funny coincidences (or not) this article was originally scheduled for publishing last week on the exact same day as my friend Lindsay at The Daily Awe published: What is my life purpose?  Go have a read!