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The Human To The Universe Reverse Translation Dictionary

Image Credit: New Yorker Magazine

Dear Universe,

You have challenged me recently with all of the symbolism you have been sending my way.  Is there such a thing as a Universe to Human Translation Dictionary?

Thank you!

Dear Julie,

We regret to inform you that you will have to develop your understanding of how the Universe communicates the hard way.

You’re welcome,
The Universe

Dear Spiritual Team,

The Universe has told me that I am going to have to learn what all the symbolism means the hard way.  I don’t know if you are aware of this, but I have recently given up learning the hard way.  I respectfully request to learn this the easy way.  Could you help a girl out and do a little translation?”

Please say yes on this one,

I hope you are laughing by now! 

The above is tongue-in-cheek recreation of a question I keep getting this week.  I am going to borrow two of these questions and my answers to illustrate the larger issue, with my thanks to those who inquired.

People who are just starting to wake up to their intuition sometimes react in utter confusion as to what is happening to them.  They realize this is a “new” way that information of future events is coming in to them, but since they can’t see how they can affect the events, they don’t know why they are receiving it.

Why we would “know” something in advance when there is little or nothing we can do to affect the outcome?

“Question, what is the use of having the ability to know that a particular dish is going to break tonight or that some big event is going to take place but you just don’t know what or when and you can’t do anything about it. What kind of abilities are those?”

“Sometimes I don’t know what to do with these ‘messages.’  I wanted to know how to handle this information…sometimes, it comes very fast. Sometimes, I don’t have anything for a few days or a week. Usually, when I’m sick, I don’t hear anything.”

Here are two people who are experiencing the same phenomena.  They are both “plugged in” to what is happening to many, many more people who are just starting to really feel what it is like to follow the messages their spiritual team is sending to them.

This is their intuition beginning to blossom and grow. It comes through all of the time, it’s just a question of whether or not you are paying attention. It has always been coming in. 

When you learn to trust the little things, you’ll then be ready to trust the bigger things.

What can stand in their way?  Worry, fear, distrust, negativity in any form are the biggies.

Anytime you “think yourself sick” or “think yourself worried” just say to yourself, “Cancel that!” and replace it with a neutral or positive thought.  It take practice, lots of practice, but you will start to see results.

As you shatter your preconceptions of how to get things done or make things work for you, your life will change. 

Have you ever noticed that life isn’t fair?

Have you tried working really hard, but not had the anticipated reward?

How about working “smarter, not harder” at that same task – have you gotten that raise yet?  Or did you get laid off or fired?

That’s because you had blinders on this whole time.  You thought you were living in a third dimensional reality, but guess what?  You are, and you aren’t.  If you had your nose to the grindstone and a lot of expectations that were dashed, it could be because you weren’t in the right place at the right time.  Usually changing to another company in the same field, or trying again with another partner just brings you back to the same place.

You wonder, how am I going to break this cycle?  What am I doing here again?  I thought I had already dealt with this!

Perhaps you didn’t know that there is indeed a Universe to Human Translation Dictionary that resides within you.  Once you know it’s there, you have to learn how to read it.  At first, it may look like Swahili to you.

It seems to be common as you improve your connection and are more open to spirit, that you will get messages in clusters.  In times of illness or stress, most intuitives won’t work because they know they can’t give as good of a reading as normal.  The connection gets weaker and fades out.  You really have to be “on.”  You really have to know how to read the Dictionary.  Once you’ve learned, you know when your eyes are blurry.

If you have dreams that seem significant or unusually vivid, and you can remember them, write them down.  If ideas come to you in clusters for a few hours or days, write them down.  If it isn’t obvious right now what you’re supposed to do with the information, it will likely become so when you look back on it with a little more perspective. 

Sometimes there are patterns.  Sometimes you’re just getting some subconscious yuck out to make way for better things.  When you’re in transition, lots of things are happening.  At some future point, more of this will make sense to you and things will start to accelerate more as well as settle down. 

You have to make sure that you are listening, asking for guidance, and taking action on it when it’s time.  Sometimes the best thing to do is NOTHING.  Other times, you are clearly being prompted to take action.

For now, don’t “jump” into anything if you find yourself in this place.  If nothing makes sense yet, how can you act on it?  Sometimes someone else can really help you see things more clearly that are right in front of your face, but you’re too close to them to get a good perspective.  Be careful who you ask!  Make sure it’s someone who isn’t going to just shoot you and your wacky ideas and coincidences down.

I have a really good Dictionary.  It’s got seven parts plus appendices.  Sometimes I just know things, sometimes I see things, hear things, and am amazed by things.  You may experience all of or some of them.  It doesn’t matter where you start.  Sometimes you’ll get some wonderful surprises.  Sometimes you won’t see it coming at all.  It may look like a nasty surprise on the surface, and turn into something wonderfully unexpected.  So just take it all in and be willing to be flexible as things come along.

If anyone tells you that they have all the answers, for you and for themselves, they are lying.  I don’t care how pretty of a package they come in, or not.  No one can see everthing coming all of the time.  This is an art, and if it’s a science, well that’s yet to be proven.

For example, my Realtor just stopped by with 7 clients and no notice.  I didn’t see that one coming.  But I just rolled with it.  Picked up the socks in the living room from last night’s Sock Throwing Contest and dealt with the dog when he started howling and baying at them.  Maybe someone great will buy our house, just in time, who knows?