Shhh It’s A Secret Fun Ways To Connect With Your Spiritual Team

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Spirit Guides have a sense of humor (usually) and are very willing to reach you in any way that they can.  Today let’s go over some fun ways that work for me.

Have you meditated your heart out, to no avail?  Do you ask a question out loud or in your mind and get no answer?  Have you tried Automatic Writing and remain stuck on some questions that don’t seem to get answers?

Your spiritual team is here to help you go where you want to go and has some fantastic ideas about how to get you there.  Sometimes they send you signs and synchronicity to the point where you are saying,”Okay!  I heard you already!” and other times, usually when you’re stuck and it’s serious, you get radio silence.  You can hear crickets chirping.  You’re looking up to the heavens or down into your beer for guidance and hear…nothing.

Crack Open The Tarot Cards

Get yourself a simple Rider-Waite Tarot deck and a copy of Tarot Made Easy by Nancy Garen.  You will not have to wade into symbolism.  You will not have to concern yourself with whether the card is upside down or right side up.  The book has three pages for each card and breaks it down into simple categories with a sentence each.  If you want to know about money, look at the Focus, Work/Career, Finances and Best Course of Action categories.  You can pick and choose which categories to read or read them all.  You can do complicated spreads if you want to but all you really need to do is center yourself, request assistance from your own spiritual team, shuffle the cards while asking your question, and pull one out.  Easy.

Try Ghost Radar by Spud Pickles

Ghost Radar in an application that you get for your smart phone.  You can read about it on their site and get the explanation, but basically you turn it on and it is supposed to pick up on words spoken around you by spirit that you can’t hear.  Then the words will be recorded by the app.  You can get the free version where you have to watch for each word as it is spoken, or the $.99 version where you can walk away and it saves the words for you.

I suggest that you ASK a question, even if it is something like,”What do I most need to know right now?” and then ASK for messages only from your own spiritual team, no interlopers allowed.  As silly as this may hit you, I’ve tested it out and it actually works.  It requires a little bit of interpretation.  As an example of what you may get, I once was up for a job and it was between me and a man, and as I was waiting for the decision, I had the app turned on and running in my purse.  It had been quiet for about an hour and I had forgotten about it.  Suddenly my purse said “Him” followed by “Second.”  Sure enough, the man got the job and I came in second.

Sing, Sing a Song, Sing It Loud and Strong

Turn on the radio, ask a question of your Team, and ask them to answer it with the next song that comes on the radio.  Then actually look up the lyrics online, you may be surprised by what they actually are and how perfectly the song answers your question.  This works with putting your CD on Random or your Ipod on Shuffle, or whatever, but best to use the radio to get a wider choice.

As an example of how this works, I once got Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Waters and one part seemed to get louder and practically leap out of the radio at top volume:

Sail on Silver Girl
Sail On By
Your Time Has Come To Shine
All Your Dreams Are On Their Way
See How They Shine

Shortly thereafter I became pregnant with my first child, and I knew it was going to happen because I kept hearing the song over and over.

Oracle Cards

Some of you may not be familiar with these.  Similar to Tarot cards, which come in endless varieties, are Oracle Cards, which are so numerous it’s kind of hard not to fall over them at the bookstore anymore.  My favorite deck so far is Sonia Choquette’s Soul Lessons And Soul Purpose Oracle Cards, a 63 card deck with guidebook.  This deck is great for doing readings for others on a casual basis or for a daily reflection on your own.

I recently added an Amazon affiliate link over on the right with just a few of my suggestions for great books (I am a bookworm) and have included a few Oracle Card Decks on the list.  When you click on one, Amazon will give you other suggestions.  Keep clicking until you find the one that speaks to you.   Yes I do make a few cents if you go through my site to reach Amazon and make a purchase through my affiliate link.

Set out to find something that will help you, hold it in your mind, and it will be brought to you.  Eventually.  It’s the one that leaps out from the page at you.

Play Ball

Remember when you were a kid and there was jump rope and hop scotch?  There was also this game where you bounced a tennis ball on the ground or at the wall and went through the alphabet.  It went something like this:

A my name is Annie and
My brother’s name is Adam
We live in Arizona and
We sell Apples

You have to run through the entire alphabet like that until you miss a beat or don’t catch the ball.

The level of concentration this exercise requires is exactly the mental state you want to get into to receive messages from spirit or have sudden insight.  You’re exercising just a little bit, your mind is occupied slightly, and you’ve got your brain and hand/eye coordination requiring full integration.  It’s like meditation without the meditating.  Try it, even if you’re a guy.  Just make sure no one is looking.  Don’t bring your kid if you have one because they will interrupt your thought process!

Ask An Intuitive or Pretend To

Part of the process is asking three questions.  That helps you zone right in to what you REALLY want to know.  It insists that you focus and narrow it down.  The people who don’t do this part really are missing out.  They actually do get a reading but just ask,”What do my spirit guides want me to know?” and tell the intuitive it’s wide open, and they don’t really have any questions.  BUZZZ.  Wrong!  Everyone has questions.  Invariably the people who approach a reading this way are disappointed and come back kicking themselves and say,”I don’t know why I didn’t ask you about ABC; that’s what I really wanted to know.”

Narrow it down to what you really want to know if you had your Spirit Guides or Angels standing right there in plain sight and could communicate with them as clearly as you can with your best friend.  What are your three questions?

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