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A Clear Sign’s Favorite Personal Synchronicity and Message From The Other Side

I’ll share with you my all time favorite personal sign.

A few years ago my husband and I had wrangled his parents into driving down fours hours and babysitting our boys at our house so I could take my husband away for one night for his birthday.  At that time our boys were very young and my husband and I hadn’t had any time to ourselves in what felt like forever.

Sure enough, before my in-laws arrived in town and just as my husband and I were driving away, the school called to inform me that our youngest had the worst diaper rash of all time, was crying, and we needed to take him to the doctor.  I called my mother-in-law to cancel, and she informed me that (I was out of my mind and) she was more than capable of picking up my son and taking him to the doctor.

We were going to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino which was only about an hour from home, so even in my “I have a young child and have to take care of him myself” mode, I reluctantly agreed.

My husband went off to the blackjack tables and I wandered around the slot machines until I found one on the end that I liked.  I usually picked the Irish themed ones with the rainbows and the pots of gold, because my mother was part Irish and she used to gravitate to those machines when we went to Atlantic City.

This machine was called Hot Hot Super Jackpot and had a dancing flame that would appear if you hit a bonus round, and you would get a number of re-spins for free if you hit on it.  I had seen this machine before in another casino and sometimes I really felt like my Mom was around.  This was long before I had any sense that I was intuitive in any way.

I played for maybe five minutes and kept winning, which is unusual in itself.  My mother-in-law called to tell me the story of the doctor visit.  I had to put my finger in my ear to hear her and turn away from the machine because it Would Not Stop Going Off.  When I finally got off of the phone I saw what had happened.  I had hit on the dancing flame and gotten the maximum number of re-spins, and within the re-spins I got re-spins, so that the machine was actually going off for about 15 minutes.  At the end, I won just enough to pay for the (rather expensive) hotel room for the night plus some for the restaurant bill.  The machine was hot all night, but not like that.

The next morning as I was waiting to leave I threw some more money in the machine, but it had gone cold.  The magic was gone and the casino was quiet.  I wandered off before I lost more money and it occurred to me.  My husband’s birthday was July 17th and the anniversary of my mother’s death was July 16th.  We arrived at the casino on July 16th.  If she could see what was happening down here on earth, she was probably letting me know that she had an eye on my mother-in-law and the baby and that I should try to relax and enjoy myself for once, plus she sent me some money so I would have an extra relaxing time.

Everyone has their favorite people in life and mine are usually my fellow Pisceans – for some reason I just click really well with people born in March.  I noticed after this incident though that I kept meeting people who were born on that same week in July.  My husband and son have birthdays three days apart.  My other son has a birth date from another month that falls between the two.  And suddenly I was meeting other wonderful people who oddly enough happened to fill out every other day of that week, except the one of my other son – I guess he wanted to keep that day for himself.  My Dad and I were born a day apart although I was due on his birthday and my Mom used to always say that I just wanted a day of my own.

I honestly don’t know if my Mom is around all of the time or if she makes a rare spectacular appearance.  She died when I was pregnant with my youngest child.  He tells me frequently that he talked to “your Mommy” and he tells me what she says, which is generally quite interesting and frequently includes advice that could not come from the mouth of a toddler.  I’ve also noticed in times of serious crisis, such as illnesses, mysterious things are conveniently moved about the family houses, even houses where only one person lives.  And rainbows (and double rainbows, when it’s really serious) appear when support is needed, even on days where there hasn’t been any rain.

Have you had events in your life that you found comforting or to be impressive displays of signs and synchronicity?

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