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Why Intuitive Answers Aren’t Always Black and White

By Jaya Prime via Creative Commons

You would think that intuitive answers are specific every time.  They’re not.

Thanks to everyone who played along with It’s One Free Intuitive Question and Answer Week.  I had a great time connecting with all of you and getting answers to your questions.

Why is it that sometimes I get really specific advice, like yes or no, and other times it’s vague?

Sometimes our guides have been trying like crazy to contact us and send us a message and we’re just not getting it.  In those cases, it’s specific.

What about when it isn’t?  Well, think about it from the perspective of what you’re doing here.  Your spirit guides are here in large part to connect you back with your Higher Self.  Your Higher Self is a part of you that exists in the ethers.  You incarnated here to have a physical experience and live out (play out) the goals your Higher Self set for you or with you (can’t disconnect the two!).

How you work out your life lessons and move forward in your highest path and purpose is through experiences.  You can chose the fork in the road.  There are very few that are set in stone and going to happen no matter what.  The rest of the time, it’s all about the choices and exercising your free will.

Is It Cheating To Get An Intuitive Reading?

If that’s so, then does the game get ruined when you get a reading from a psychic or intuitive?  Are you cheating?

Nope!  Remember that any time you are getting a reading from anyone, they’re consulting with someone else.  It’s not a miracle or like they’re asking God/Source and getting an answer directly.

If you use Tarot cards, who’s answering you?  Hopefully you’re specifying who you are asking, just like the intuitive reader is, before you start out.  Most of the time, you’re being connected to your guides and they act like gatekeepers.

If your guides come through to me and give me an answer, it’s because it would be helpful information for you to have at this time.  You don’t have to do it.  You can go right ahead and ignore it.  Exercise your free will.  But if they’ve answered, it’s because it’s their best advice to you at this time.  They know where you’ve come from (literally, at soul level) and they know where your Higher Self is planning to go in this lifetime.  Probably, you should listen.

Psychic Reading Addicts

Not everyone does, you know.  They go to great lengths to request many readings from different people.  Why?

They are Waiting To Hear What They Want To Hear.

Well, why did they ask then?  That seems like a big waste of time and energy to me.  Just go right ahead and do what you want to do!  If you’re going to be stubborn, you don’t need permission.

Vague Intuitive Answers

Suppose though that you really feel stuck on a problem.  You just can’t decide.  Maybe each road looks equally good (or bad) and you don’t know which way to turn.  You ask me, and I tell you something vague, like “you already know the answer to this.”  I can’t tell you any more.  There you are screaming,”Why?  WHY can’t she just give me the answer?!”

Actually, I can give you advice, if you would like.  I don’t do that in the context of an Intuitive Reading, though.  The answers you seek are all within.  To tease them out, you can access your guides through me.  When I speak with them, they tell me what they believe you need to know right now.  Right now.  Come back in two weeks (after you’ve made a decision) and the door will open more.  That’s because your guides will not tell you what to do.  You actually run the show.  I know it doesn’t always feel like that, but it’s the truth.  You are in charge and your guides are here to help lead you back to where you want to go.

One of the questioners from last week kindly gave me permission to use his answer as an example.  His question was about seeing lots of number sequences.  He wanted to know what was the “big thing” that was coming up?  I looked the numbers up (although the questioner had done this, too) and basically it added up to something really big coming up.  He was right of course, so… I asked his guides, what’s the “something?”

I saw a picture of him and his wife and child moving out of their front door with their bags packed and boxes all around them.  I heard,”Moving, moving, moving, sudden.”

That didn’t really answer his question, did it?

“I’m sorry, I didn’t quite understand that.  Can you explain it to me in a different way, please?”


As I was typing an answer to him, my fingers wrote some additional things, all by themselves.  Basically, that he had already “put in his order” with the universe, he knew what he asked for, but he didn’t quite believe it.  At this point, I wanted to know what the “something” was, too!  But, no dice.

How did I know that what I was writing to him was EXACTLY what Spirit wanted me to tell him at this time?
I got a flush of chills up my left side.

It just happened again when I was recounting the story.  That’s part of how I know a message is not my imagination (for those of you who doubt what you get).  It’s definitely coming from his team.  I happened to look up from my typing, for no apparent discernible reason, and it was 3:33 (sign of the trinity, sign of ascended masters near, there are 3 in his family).  As far as signs and confirmations go, that’s as good as it gets, folks, until entities start appearing in front of you and speaking to you (has never happened to me!).  That is how you know when you’ve “got it”: multiple signs one right after the next assures you of it.

How about for those times when you are gnashing your teeth and under duress and you are spinning in mental circles over something?  For those times, try this article:

The Art Of Surrender

So, why didn’t the guides just say,”Oh, you’re getting a computer programming job on August 15 and you’ll be moving your family to Houston, Texas as a result”?  Sometimes, the information I get for you is indeed that specific, or nearly so.  Why does Person A get that and Person B is left wondering what the heck he asked for?

Well, because you’re not ready for the answer yet.  It’s not in your highest path and purpose to know it.  Maybe you have to live through some experiences first, or make some decisions, or learn to connect better with your own guides, or who knows what.  But for now, the universe has its lips sealed.

In another example, someone asked if they should pursue a relationship, if this was “the one” and if they would have children someday.  The answer was a “no answer” on the particular partner (which usually means no).  The guide’s head said yes and then turned around and said no.  I interpreted that to mean it could go either way.  When I asked about children, dead silence.  Then the question,”Does X really want to have children?” and I saw some scenes in X’s life that lead me to believe, maybe not.  The point being, the message was to seriously consider children, and also that there was not going to be an answer about children right now, because there were some choices to make about partners first.  Fair enough.   We direct out experiences.  Take a left turn, meet children.   Take a right turn, meet adopted children.  Go backward, no children.  Nothing has been decided yet.

I hope you enjoyed reading the questions and answers.  If you asked a question, thank you for participating.  It is great to have you here.

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