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My Reading With A Psychic Medium

I still haven’t fully recovered from my experience getting a reading from a famous New York psychic medium on Sunday.

I haven’t had too many readings done in my life.  I had a remarkably accurate Tarot card reading done once in Miami in 1995, the events of which took ten years to all materialize.  Then I had readings done in the last couple of years by two people.  That’s it.  I am not one to chase readings.  In fact, I started doing readings for others to better connect me with my own spiritual team because I didn’t like the idea that the only way I could connect was by relying on other people.

Still, I am fairly new to intuitive development.  I know some things, but by no means do I know them all.  I learn every day.  So when I heard that this particular psychic was coming to town I wanted to take a rare opportunity to meet him.  The only way to do it was to book a reading.  I wasn’t so sure about the “medium” part of it (a medium is someone who communicates with the dead).  Who would show up for me?

I traveled an hour and ended up waiting outside the door for about 20 minutes as he was running late.  While waiting, his next client approached.  She asked me if I had ever had a reading with him before.  She had, and said he was,”AMAZING.”  When she said it, her eyes got really big in her head.  She said that after her reading with him, she was absolutely convinced that people who know us on the other side can see everything that’s going on down here.  In her last session, her father-in-law hijacked it and she was miffed about it and determined it wouldn’t happen again.

It was my turn and I was surprised by what I saw.  The psychic medium looked completely drained and wiped out.  The first thing he said to me was,”Well, you’re a mess.”  That wasn’t too encouraging!

He had me shuffle a Tarot deck and cut the cards into three piles.  Throughout the session he dealt out the cards on top of each other in what looked (to me) like a mess.  He told me that I had come in with a group. He didn’t tell me a lot about who was there for me, which didn’t surprise me because for the most part I wasn’t there to connect with my passed relatives and friends.  He said my grandmother was there and said hello, and he spoke on for quite a while about my mother.

Now here’s the thing about my mother.  I was really utterly surprised by what the message was from her.  I understand it.  It wasn’t that it didn’t make sense.  It was that in my mind she was in a completely different place than what he described.  I found this really unsettling.  It was almost like she was her same exact self as she had been here on earth.  I had imagined (hoped, probably) that she was a better place than that.

Most of the reading was about my family, my finances, my career…you know, all of the practical things.  This is actually what I suppose I was hoping to hear about (because goodness knows, down here on the ground, we can all use some help!)   While he did not give me the same guidance that I have received in other readings (at ALL), and while he really did say things in a positive way, I left kind of disturbed by the experience.

Is It The Medium Or The Message?

I think it was the “looks” he gave me.  The kind you might imagine your Dad would give you as a teenager, from under the eyebrows, as if to say,”Hey, stupid, why’d you go and do that?”  But he always ended it with,”They understand why,” or “It’s okay,” or “You’ve accepted responsibility for that and you learned from it and now you’re responsible for moving on and you’re fully equipped to do that.”  He even went out of his way to compliment me on certain things I’ve done well.  So technically, I can’t say it was negative.  I feel like he was trying to be supportive.  Still, something was bugging me about it.

Upon reflection, I don’t think my own expectations about my life matched his information or the opinions I was getting.  What I should have done was asked who was giving him this information?  If he said it was my grandmother’s soul, I would have been more likely to buy into it.  Maybe it’s from a soul who doesn’t have that much experience or who I still would disagree with, so how much Truth do I pull from it?  How much if any of this was the medium’s opinion?  A few times I said, “I don’t think that would have made any difference,” and he said,”I don’t think so either,” but he still passed along the message as he heard it.  If I had the chance to do it again I think I would have asked him for a Roll Call!

How Do You Interpret Psychic Messages When You Don’t Like The Answers?

I simply didn’t want some of what he aid to be true, because my own interpretation of events was so different.  For example, he spoke of a job situation and said that I was pushed out because of office politics.  He said that I think of things like daily work in terms of black and white.  True – you’re there to work, so work.  He said that I didn’t know how to play office politics and never would.  True – even though it would help me, I honestly find them repulsive and exploitative and I don’t want to play those games ever again.

It should have made me feel good to realize that there was nothing I did wrong in that situation (work product wise).  It didn’t, because I felt I was pushed out for a reason, which was to go do something else specifically, but apparently I am the only one who thinks so!  It made me realize something.  I have had long tenures in all of my jobs, my longest being nine years before I left because I’d had a son.  How did I keep those jobs for so long if I was so bad at office politics, and all of these positions were with major corporations and rife with politics?

It was because each time, someone else was protecting me.  They shielded me from the politics and let me get on with the business of doing my work.  That is a lesson in aligning yourself with the powerful.  Choose wisely and live more easily, if you’re not a player yourself.

He said that I would get a new job, quite soon, doing exactly what I used to do, that it would pay the bills, and that the work environment would be, “Okay, not great” but it would be, “What I made of it.”

Huh.  That’s not something to really get excited about and look forward to, is it!  At least, not the way he put it.  Was I taking it the wrong way?  I would actually be excited and happy to have a new job. Perhaps that is his perspective, but I might love it and be very glad about it.

So we will see what happens!

An Update On My Numbers Synchronicity

Remember when I said that I saw the number “262” and the interpretation was that I was supposed to acquire something expensive?  Sure enough, as completely unexpected as it was, that did happen.  Real estate (I seem to have a karmic thing for acquiring real estate).

I wonder, if you had the chance to get a reading from a famous psychic medium, what would you ask?  What would you be hoping to hear?  And how would you feel about it if it wasn’t what you expected?  Would you change your expectations or just keep going the way you’re going?