Interpreting The Intuitive Messages You Receive From Your Spiritual Team and Loved Ones

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Medium For A Day

Recently in response to my post 10 Free Mini-Readings Giveaway  I had a request to contact a loved one who had died.  This stymied me for a moment because I had never before been asked to do this, and I am not trained as a medium.  That means that I don’t regularly see dead people walking around and looking to communicate with me.

I do sometimes see passed relatives during the course of a regular Intuitive Reading, but it comes unbidden and they usually don’t “talk” to me directly.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I asked specifically to speak to a regular old human who had recently died.  It finally occurred to me that

Spirit Guides Are Human Souls, Just Like Deceased Friends and Relatives

and I speak with Spirit Guides all of the time, day in and day out.  How hard could it be?

Just in case, I put into place all Protective Measures.  I called on my own Angels and Guides, and those of my client.  I received a series of messages just as I normally would – some were  Clairvoyant (“clearseeing” pictures, visuals, that come in a flash or play out like a movie on the back of your eyelids or in your mind’s eye) and some were Clairaudient (“clear hearing” – actual spoken messages that come through your head, not really your ears exactly).

I did not have an image of the deceased appear before me or talk to me as far as I know – the messages came but no one ever told me who they were coming from.  It could have been my own Angels and Guides or the Client’s, or from the human.

I presented my findings to the client and was told that all but one made perfect sense, and why.  The client said she herself had been trying to contact her loved one and was working on developing her intuitive skills.  In my opinion she had actually gotten a lot of information.  She didn’t seem that satisfied though because the messages weren’t making a lot of sense to her, they were symbolic.

Interpreting Your Symbolic Clairvoyant Intuitive Messages

Have you ever noticed that when you are extremely tired, you will start to dream even while you’re still awake?  Usually it will be a series of visual images, like a dream, and you may be so beat that you don’t notice them unless someone else catches you right before you completely drop off, still trying to talk to you about something, or the phone rings.  If this happens, stop yourself from falling asleep and forgetting, make a written note in a bedside notebook, or even just a mental note to yourself to remember it in the morning.

I know that many of you don’t do intuitive readings for other people but you are working on getting clairvoyant messages for yourself.  You may do this during meditation, may dream, may experience synchronicities, or otherwise get a strong signal of an important visual, and then you wonder what it means.

First, let’s assume it means something.  It’s a flash of a picture or a movie in your mind of a scene.  If it’s all you, and not from an intuitive reading, then most likely it is a direct message for you and doesn’t need to go through someone else’s lens.  It is typically symbolic.

If you’ve recently been asking for help with something specific, analyze it in that context.  If it doesn’t seem to make sense, then think about what’s been on your mind or what might be coming up that it could be referencing.  If you still come up with nothing, ask your spiritual team for clarification – it’s okay to tell them that you just don’t understand and could they please explain it.  Failing that, ask them to send the message to you in another way and to make it crystal clear.

Intuitive Messages Are Personal And You May Need To Do Some Investigation 

Let’s make up an example.  Suppose you get a message that is a picture of an Owl that comes to you in a flash in your mind’s eye, or in a dream.  You might remember it or not at the time.  Then the next day you actually hear an owl hooting in your yard, or see one on television, and it reminds you.  Suddenly you become consciously aware that you’ve seen an owl twice in the span of a short time frame, perhaps a day or two.  An owl per se has no meaning to you so you might google it and find various meanings.  You’ll find that owls can be seen in different ways – as an ominous warning or if you go to Animal Symbolism you’ll find that “the owl was honored as the keeper of spirits who had passed from one plane to another.”  If you’ve just lost a loved one, or have been thinking you might want to find a new job because you’re not getting warm and fuzzies where you’re currently employed, you would interpret the owl completely differently – it’s a personal message, after all.

What Do You Do With The Messages That Just Don’t Make Any Sense?

If in the end you still don’t know what the image means, write it down and put it away for another day.  In my experience it is rare that it’s meaningless and quite often, you’ll soon find out.  Give it a day or a couple of weeks and odds are, all will become clear.  You just have to keep it in the back burner of your mind and be alert.

Have you received a message you’re trying to figure out?  Comment below and we’ll interpret it!

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  1. You know, the realization that Spirit Guides are actually human souls came to me a long time ago.. which is mainly why I don't treat them with such 'reverence' some do. I mean, they're just like us in so many ways!

    I always try to remember images I get during the hypnagogic state. They often do mean things, as our subconscious has its own agenda.

  2. Hi Sol,

    Nice to see you back 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

  3. Todd | Channelingmyself says:

    Hi Julie,

    I get those kinds of messages quite often, the type you referred to when just falling asleep. And more often than not, the images or voices don't make a lot of sense. Sometimes if I wake back up I will ask my guides for some clarification.

  4. Hi Todd,

    Initially I thought they were images that were just my dreams starting early, until I paid attention one day and realized they were very fast flashes and not really dream-like. I did a little research and found out what they really were…pretty interesting.

    Thanks for posting a comment, please stop again.

  5. Belle Tilson says:

    I keep thinking about a guy I was engaged to over thirty years ago, and I don’t understand why. He broke up with me and tried to come back to me later but I was in a relationship. His sister later informed me that he was is a very bad car accident which left him with brain damage. I never heard from him or her since then. He lives in Dallas Texas and I had no money to go see about him at the time. I just recently started thinking about him and I dont understand why. I did a search for him within the last few weeks and found out he is married, so I cannot call him. What is going on? Why am I thinking about this man every day now.

  6. I have been receiving messages from… for many years eventhough I am 28 years old. what jolted me the most were the clear whispers in my ear. I thought I was kind of crazy for a while there. Until I started paying special attention to specific things.

    I started telling a close friend of mine about them. Most things were about people passing. Things always happened how I say the do, and when I say they do, usually I don’t know specifically who but usually what circle or to who they are close to. The hints usually come at night and I usually understand them. Once I piece things together, I usually feel very relieved. The following day I usually tell my old friend Amy.

    Amy stopped speaking to me shortly after a conversation we had over drinks. She blurted out that I made things happen… I couldn’t believe what she thought. All the people who I had told her about prior to their passing were very close to me and loved by myself. I took it upon myself to see a psychic, who I thought had medium abilities… WORST IDEA EVER!!!

    She asked me to consider the fact that I could be possessed ?!?! I would never consider that. I know the difference between when it is “good” and “bad”. I did however, shut myself down for the past month. I am exhausted!!!!! literally yawn and stretch all day. I decided after a “flash” not so good one, that I would learn to better interpret what I hear and see. After all, God made me the way I am for a reason.

    Today after work, I googled “interpret signs from guides” the first website was this one… I automatically wanted to high five my spirit guide! If you ask me what animal I identify with it… I would say I am a baby owl. My last name is Howlett…My family used to tell me we were baby owls…
    If you read the portion about owls…. “the owl was honored as the keeper of spirits who had passed from one plane to another.”…



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