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Ghosts, Spirit Guides, Angels and Dead Relatives – What Are They Here For?

Just because somebody drops in on you from another dimension, don’t assume they’re wiser than you about anything at all, or that they can do anything better than you can do it yourself – Messiah’s Handbook: Reminders For The Advanced Soul

Most of you know that there are all manner of spirits around you all of the time.  Some are part of your Spiritual Team (generally higher vibration, positive souls).  Others are people you spent time with in this lifetime (and other lifetimes) that are no longer living.  Some are “ghosts” that don’t belong to you but just might be attached to where you are living or drawn to you for one reason or the other, or simply “stuck” here, not having moved on after they died. 

When people who are not particularly in tune to the environment around them – beyond what you can see with your eyes – mess around with ouija boards, tarot cards and the like, they usually don’t stop to consider who they are communicating with.  This is a Big Mistake. 

Knowing who you are asking questions of and communicating with is of vital importance.  But, most people who don’t study the subject and aren’t mediums don’t necessarily know or have a means to know who they are dealing with. 

It doesn’t even have to be anything “negative” to drain you.  It may just be that your Uncle never was one for giving good advice, and he hasn’t changed much.  So, do you want to listen to him? 

Doesn’t it freak you out a bit to think that you’ve been communicating all of this time and not specifying to whom – you could be talking to and being influenced by anyone.  They could be operating from a high vibration or a low one.  They may have wonderful insight or just having a bit of fun with you.

Do you need some comfort or advice?  A suggestion on what to do next, or what to consider when you’re making a decision, like which path would lead to a better outcome?  It’s really a shame to think that so many people feel so alone, when really they aren’t.  Perhaps there is a measure of comfort to know that wherever you go, spirit is with you. 

You might be used to asking your friends and family for help and advice, but when you look within and access your Spiritual Team, you might find that their guidance – which is not logic based – is the best advice to follow. 

It may present a difficult road, or a kooky suggestion, but if it isn’t hurting anyone and it’s better than what you’ve thought of – go ahead.

I’m writing this post for two reasons.  One, to address the question of the “Indian ghost” that had so many people scared for me and thinking that there was something really alarming going on here.  And two, I had a set of  questions sent in the other day by a reader who I had answered a relationship question for during One Free Intuitive Question and Answer.

Who is on your Spiritual Team, anyway?

Generally speaking, you have Spirit Guides (human souls) and Angels (who have never lived as humans) and perhaps a smattering of others (such as ascended masters, teachers, animals, and many different levels of them), as well as your Higher Self, all of which are reliable in the advice and protection department.  They can take a variety of forms when interacting with you, such as human, animal, light, etc. 

You don’t have to know who you are dealing with specifically, necessarily.  You can just ask for “my team” or even say “those working with me who are of the light”  or “my angels, guides and teachers.”  The right party will get the message.  You don’t have to know everything.  You just have to be specific by stating “only my team” etc.  If you ever feel uncomfortable, or like the advice you were given feels wrong, illegal, immoral, scary, or creepy, or are simply unsure – then ask your Angels to remove the entity which is not of the light.  Period.  And they will.  

Keep in mind that human souls are human souls, whether alive and well here in the physical or not.   When I die, you can call on me if you want to and if I’m available, I’ll come by.  But odds are pretty good that though I may be more integrated and aware after I’ve crossed over, I will pretty much be as I am right now.  Same thing with your loved ones who have died.  When you want to talk to your Mom, ask for her specifically. 

You have a team of guides who you contracted with to assist you, before you were born.  They are operating at a higher level than you are, with access to more insight (commonly referred to as a “higher vibration”).  So, why not utilize them to get done what you came here to do?

If you don’t know who it is who has come along to interact with you, then ask that, too.  “Who are you?”   Simple as that.  You’ll be surprised how easy it can be to find out.  Just listen with your inner ear for an answer, or consider that who it “feels like” is probably exactly who it is, or look for signs of the suspected person coming through within a few days afterward.

A word on “ghosts.”  Though there may be some alarming paranormal things that can happen, most commonly you will know when someone is around if you pay attention, and usually it is not a scary thing.  Really.  If you don’t interact with them, they often won’t interact with you.  You may just be sharing a space for a time.  Have you ever walked into a room and gotten the chills?  Or felt off balance, like something wasn’t quite right?  Or gone into a place with antiques and be able to feel the energy coming from them or the area?  And once you left, did the feeling dissipate?  Sometimes you just kind of walk in on them, and having no interest in you, the experience is over once you go.

Let’s answer the reader’s questions:

1. Are guides/GA’s ever wrong?
That depends.  Did you do anything to change the circumstances since you received the advice?  We have Free Will and sometimes we may think we understood the response, but we didn’t, or we added another element that changes the results.  I wouldn’t say that your guides are “wrong”.  It’s more like you can choose to listen, or not.  And when events change, the outcome can change as well.
2. Do they ever miscommunicate so that you get one thing and its another?
It isn’t that they miscommunicate with you.  It’s that sometimes we misunderstand.  The communication can be crystal clear or cloudy and subject to interpretation.  You and I don’t always have a lock on the answer because it’s not like we have a direct line to God.  Also, depending on where you got the advice (a negative guide, for example), it isn’t always good advice.
3. When you did my reading did you connect to just mine (my team) or his too?
When I do a reading I usually am in contact with the living person’s spiritual team (primary guide, angels, higher self, etc).  If I am doing a relationship reading, I will sometimes hear from both parties’ teams, and sometimes they don’t specify how they came up with it or why they are saying so.  It can feel like there was a conference before I get there and one spokesperson comes forward.  If I am doing a quick reading on the fly like in this person’s case, I don’t stop to have a full meet and greet, I simply take the information that I get however it comes through and share it with you.
4. Do they argue? Like you ask a question and you might hear yes/no back and forth till they agree?
This is an interesting question.  Yes, I have had circumstances where an argument broke out!  That happened very early in developing my intuition. 
I was speaking with a friend’s primary guide and another entity came along and started an argument with him.  At the time I was not sure who this was – another guide (seems very unlikely) or perhaps a passed relative (more likely). 
An angel (my first sighting of one) actually came to break up the argument.  That was the moment when I learned to identify an angel.  Their energy is completely different than that of a guide. 
On the other hand, it isn’t always so easy to distinguish between a spirit guide and a passed friend or relative.  The usual way I do this is that the mediumship aspect tends to come (for me) at the end of the reading, so I can identify passed friends and relatives that way, most commonly.
5. Do they ever give dates, or approximate dates (i,e. a month, week, day)?
Yes, they do, sometimes. 
Since our future is not set in stone, sometimes they won’t give that information because
 (1) we haven’t made the necessary choices yet to be certain an event will happen or
(2) it’s not in our best interest to know yet. 
This is pretty common, since we need to live our lives and not be “waiting” for some future event.  Usually I will hear or see the date, or the date will just pop into my head, like “May of 2012” or “in the spring”.
6. (A big question) Can/do they tell you like, God says no their time is over, or God says yes they will be together?

No, not exactly.  

There are a lot of reasons why something may or may not happen, or be a choice (usually) or “meant to be” (less common and subject to change).  It’s not like there is one entity called God that knows all of the answers and makes all of the decisions.  It’s more like you are put here to have an earthly experience, and you have an agenda of which you may not be aware or not fully aware.  You utilize your free will and take actions and events happen accordingly. 

That is not to say that you do not have assistance in bringing your dreams to fruition.  In fact, that is the entire point of this article, isn’t it?  You have an entire team, which may be quite numerous in individual entities, working on your behalf.  You simply must ask them for help, and it is so. 

However there are some things that you may wish for that, no matter how strongly felt, will not come to fruition for one reason or another – you didn’t work hard enough for it, there is a better choice out there for you, the other people involved do not choose it, and on and on.

Remember that you are the captain of your ship.  There is no one who knows better than you where you want to go, what you want to do, and why. 

However sometimes we need some confirmation or encouragement or advice along the way, and the best way to get that is to look within and seek answers, as well as to reach out to your fellow human beings who are more connected and guided by the other side than you may think.  

I get messages all of the time for you when I am doing Intuitive Readings, but I also hear very wise words coming out of my mouth (or to my ears) that is really not 100% Julie – it is guided.  We are each other’s Earth Angels all of the time.  Did you know that on rare occasions actual angels appear here on Earth, too?  Yup, they do!  So just keep in mind who you are speaking with and know that sometimes the best advice you get get is your own.  

 Have a question or need some insight as to who you hired to work with you?  Want to know who is on your team?  Find out all the details through an Intuitive Reading.